A Note To My Gender

Be it a girl, a lady or women.
We will be judged in every nooks and corner of this so unreal world.

Where …
if we do not take interest in talking to a guy, we are already set somewhere else and If we take an interest, we are easy to get.

If we earn more than guys, we have used some cheap ways for the success and if we earn less, that’s what we are supposed to because we are women.

If you are fat you will be bullied and if you are fit you will be eaten by the wolves eyes.

We live in a world where our opinions are listened but not applied coz we are Women where the men take the W as WEAK.

We being the women are not meant to be weak where W is the WARRIOR.
And a Wo”men” in itself has the dominance of ‘men’.

Live up & stand for yourself.


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