Announcement for Teachers

The recess was about to over
The Tiffin’s in the staff room was almost empty
The bell rang and stopped at once
In the mike, someone started singing Humpty Dumpty

To this, the teachers were not used to
Still, they were amused too

An announcement followed
The teachers were requested all at once
To find a brown bag in their lockers
And pour its content on the table one by one

They did so
All in one go

The box unraveled chalk, slate, duster
calendar, notebook, muster
eraser, sharpener,
crayons, colours
pen, pencil
Construction set
Glue which was wet
Chart paper, craft paper,
Sketch pan, shining pens
A book of maths formula
An Oxford dictionary

And finally
A sheet with
I will not talk in the class
Written all over it

It brought a smile
Which stayed on their faces
For a while

“I want pin drop silence”
the announcement resumed
“We can’t thank you all enough
For these are all materials
And non-living things
But using these you all
Transformed us animals into humans
And from living things into
Successful human beings”

While the teachers were
Smiling and Crying at the same time
kept on reverberating till the bell rang next time.


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