Don’t let them know

No, don’t
Don’t let it all out, don’t single word
For the one has the courage to speak
Ironically, is the coward

No, Silly they’re wrong
They’re wrong when they say
That the shining pain leaves
It never really stay

No, Don’t
Don’t trust them just yet,
They have been pretending from the start,
The very moment you met

No, Don’t let them know
That deep down somewhere you’re hurt,
Hide it, hide it all just like
You hide the scars under your shirt

No, they don’t
They do not deserve to see that
Because they all lie,
They want to see you white but never own black

Yet, now you get it
you finally get it all
That the people around you, acting big
Are all put really small

Yes, hold on
Hold on till your last cry,
They don’t care, don,t let them know,
Till your, very last good bye.


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