A dream or a broken wish ?

Every thing was going fine,
Then you left me for some other divine.
I had never thought of this theme,
As I preferred reality against the dream.

I felt the last night guilty,
As what I did was something silly.

If we love someone truly,
It always remains newly.

Then I don’t know what makes me ask you everytime,
Whether you love me or not all the time.

Then we slept,
But the dreams made us neglect.

As soon as there was a sunrise,
We made a compromise.
Never to talk about that mistake,
Which will always make us hesitate.

A day came when you expressed,
Is love only to impress?
I had no idea of what you meant,
Then I felt the relationship had changed its segment.

I wish I could get the things easy,
But I knew that the time will be too lazy.
I loved you then I love you now,
As you were the only dream that was completed somehow.


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