For Bad Phase in Life

Post breakup he tried everything.
Watching videos gives him temporary happiness.
Telling everyone about his problem gives him temporary sympathy.
Ten of seven people laugh
Revisiting the old places gave him permanent pain.
He was not ready to accept the fact that she left.
Finally one day he decided with self to move on and guess what?
Yes, he did.
He had lost the person who never loved him, she lost the person who loved her like never ending sea.
He set himself free and tried to discover the new things within.

He Reborn. Lived again.

You will never be able to move on until it comes from within, talking to peoples, eating sleeping pills will not help you, stalking will take you nowhere except stealing your happiness. You have to decide what is good thinking about the past and ruining the future ? or thinking about the present and making the future?

Always remember

“Eagle doesn’t fly with pigeons”

Think big, achieve it, make it happen and let them regret their decision.

Thank them for finding yourself within you.

Something to share with you all :

  • Stop overthinking
  • Love yourself…it will be a beginning of a lifelong romance.
  • Stop regretting the past, make future.
  • Achieve dream.
  • Have some self-respect.
  • Want to write then I have tip: Write just write
  • Never try to keep everyone happy first be yourself happy (Be selfish)
  • Think before you speak
  • If you can’t take relationship till end don’t fall into it.Enjoy solitude
  • Anytime if you think to do wrong to someone then before that think how hard karma will hit you.
  • Learn to fall for heart
  • Stop giving so much of importance to the person who don’t even care about you.
  • Never beg someone to stay.
  • It’s never late to Love parents they deserve your love over fake peoples.
  • Moving on is hard, holding on is hardest. You decide.

– From just an another broken heart.

Any suggestion comment below.
Still, difficult to move on? may be I can help you.


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