I waited for Love

A silhouette of Past months,
which just flew away.
The breeze of this span,
Thawed my heart away.

I waited for his love,
I waited for his words,
I waited for the touch,
Which will whirl the desert into spring

My desolation never affected him,
My tears never melted him,
His heart was hard as a rock.
Don’t know what made him stop.

In the politics of the world to win,
Two heart got apart in dis sin.
Still, satisfaction was not there,
Separation heartburn is yet to bear.

Words by the famous poet,
Silence is just another name for pain.
But to keep one numb,
Is just someone’s game.

The pain in my heart,
I couldn’t overcome.
What is the mistake I have done,
For this to go shunned.

My soul is shattered,
My heart is wrenched,
Still, the kernel declaimed,
the sorrow has not started yet.



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