Parallel Love, never met

You’re the moon
I’m the sun
We give each other’s time
We give each other’s freedom

I shine in the day
You shine in the night
Both of us gives light
Both of us has significance

We possessed the same brightness
We had so many interests
We run the same race
We go the same way
We feel the same love
Same strength
Same weakness
Same breath

Just like in the parallel universe
you and I together
Has so much alike
You feel the same way I am

If I move, you move
Our distance is maintained
Our love stays at a certain level
This kind of romance
Maybe the sweetest and perfect
It’s like seeing myself
in another’s self

You are my very reflection
I’m like facing the mirror
But no matter how great
this romance will always stay
In between
but never met

by theaslan17


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