The Talk about Periods

At the age of 12,
One fine day I woke up in the morning with pants red.

Found my mother sitting next to me, she comforted me with words like, “This happens to all ladies”
Ladies?!? But I’m a kid,
Mom said you are a lady now.

Quickly she taught me how to fix “The Mess”
That’s the only “Talk”, I got.

Those 5 days were very painful, I complained…
Everyone has to go through it,
That’s The Talk I got.

Years later in the library, I got a book that explained everything to me,
That’s The Talk I gave myself.

Years of pain and trauma just vanished after knowing everything.
I hope to have such a relationship with my daughter so that she can ask me anything she wants, the curious age and the curiosity, I want to explain her all.

That’s The Talk I want to give,
That’s The Talk I want for all.



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