An Unheard Story

There is an unheard story
Lying on my tongue bed
Awake from many nights
Itching to be spoken

The unspoken words
Rise like tsunami
Up to my vocal chord
I clear my throat
To narrate it
But the gulp
Takes it down back
Again into the hidden
Caves of the cells

I try to pen it down
But the words
The sentences
Start sneezing
Making an excuse of
Being allergic
To paper and
Refuse to create
The same magic

There is nothing extraordinary
About the story
Nothing great about it either
In fact, it is
Filled with Minuses
a lot of them
It fails in being

It fails to bring

On top of that
It is infused with
Overlapping silences
Calm turbulences
Forgettable incidences and
Unfathomable experiences
and what not

Hence it fears
It fears
Being quiet for so long
And falling on deaf ears
It fears
Being humiliated by
Unreceptive voices
Being mocked
Being made fun of
And it fears
Being forgotten
The very next moment
It gets spoken

Stubbornness was imbibed
In it
Right from birth
When it was just an idea.
Till today
It stays the same
disagreeing to change
even an ounce of it
To suit the taste
of the listeners

It keeps finding solace
In staying original
in staying different
In staying unique
In staying in its own little world
So What
if in a bargain
it has to remain
But it still remains a story
An unheard Story


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