Beautiful souls do exist

There was a guy named Arun. A girl broke his heart and ditched him because she found someone better than him. The guy was completely broken. He decided to express his feeling through writing.

A girl had a crush on him. After chatting with him for 4 months, she proposed him. A boy said NO because he knew how it feels once the person has broken. However, the girls convinced him by saying that ” I don’t care how you look ” or How you behave. The only thing I care about is that I LOVE YOU and gonna love you till last breath of my life.

Boy doesn’t want to betray the girl so he sent his picture. The girl was shocked to see that the guy to whom she expressed her feelings looks so ugly.Then, the Girl replied that it doesn’t matter however you look, the thing that is important is I love you for who you are not for how you look.

This proves that beautiful souls still exist today and they don’t see the outer appearance, they love the inner beauty of you.


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