Open letter to Mr Jingle bell

Dear Mr jingle bell,

Yes, this was the name I always use to write in my wish card before Christmas night. Do you remember that magic socks in which I use to hide my wish card? This time no more wish card.

This time I would like to tell you that the wish I made in my early childhood the wish of finding a guy like you who fulfill my every dream has come in my life. Though he is not as cute as you but yes he is really lovely as you. He doesn’t bring a bag full of gifts for me like you but yes he brings a bag full of a smile for me.

He is as sweet as the Christmas cake. Though we don’t share cold chilling drinks with each other but hot coffee dates and warm hugs are much needed in these cold winters.

I just want to thank you Mr jingle bell that thanks for sending him in my life forever

– Lovely Girl

By Priya


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