A broken Soul by Pavan Dhankani

To the girl who left,

I thought we were meant to be together Forever,

It’s not like you weren’t aware of what you were getting yourself into,

I don’t regret being with you.

But I couldn’t forget the days we used to talk for hours.

You made me laugh and I miss that,
Even today, when I am sad.

People who told me “it’s alright” made me feel worse.

I needed someone to show love and care, but
you were busy in your new world.

I couldn’t forget,
one last month,
we spent together.
It had so much love & care.
You said you love me but then what happened?

Only the drenched eyes and the pillow knows,
The truth of slumberless nights. I always blamed myself for every wrong you did to me.

I had no energy to get out of my bed or to leave my room.
I couldn’t eat anymore.
With you, I lost my love for food too.
leaving me was your decision.
I would always remember that,
yes, there was a time,
when I actually had, what I always, wanted in my life.

I pay gratitude to you!
for giving me your time, love and care.

One day You’ll realize that you broke the heart of a guy who loved you more than he loves himself.
when you’ll realize,
how much I love you,
you’ll feel helpless,
just like me and you’ll regret losing me.

– A Broken Soul

By Pavan dhankani


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